The above is a screenshot of the performance of a system we have researched on the highly respected Horse Race Base system builder, HRB. Study these figures carefully and you will see why we have called it The Secret Formula.

The SP_PL, for the uninitiated, is the profit and loss column; what you would have won at SP. The BF_Back is the number of points profit backing on Betfair and is calculated after 5% commission has been deducted.

This is phenomenal. It is difficult enough to find any system that shows a 160% ROI, or 60% profit on stakes. It can be done but usually only by having so many filters that you end up with perhaps just 50 bets per year, or one per week.

However, the screenshot above shows results over the past 10 years, therefore you are looking at an average of 249 bets per year, or 2 every 3 days. I have never seen such a high profit rate on such a high turnover over such a long period before.


Here's what would have happened backing the selections from our newly discovered system, The Secret Formula, if you started with a £100 bank and staked to a rolling 1% of the bank, i.e. starting with £1 win stakes:

Again, the above is from Horse Race Base.

Obviously this couldn't happen in reality as, even if you didn't lose your nerve, you simply wouldn't be able to get your bets on somewhere between 2005 and 2006. It does show the potential though, with such a high percentage profit, for compounding to do its work and, starting from small stakes, to grow the bank rapidly. The bank increased 6-fold in the first year alone and after just 3 years was up to over £10,000!

However, at some point after 2005, you would have started taking out profits. I wouldn't suggest you re-invest all your profits as above unless you have very strong nerves and a healthy heart!

Indeed, if you are like me you would have taken out £100 as soon as you won it so that you are playing, from then on, with money won from the bookies and then withdrawn some profit at regular intervals so you don't give it them back.


The one flaw in this system is the low strike rate. This is no surprise as it has thrown up selections at SP's of 200/1 and winners up to 80/1 (2/2 over the last 10 years!). Indeed 50/1 plus is by far the most profitable price band – and that's at SP. Imagine what these exotic prices would pay on Betfair.

These don't come along every week though and the average winning SP is 9/1.

Here's the analysis we did on HRB:


For all the big priced winners and long term profit, the fact is that the vast majority of backers couldn't handle the sort of losing runs which a system with a 16% strike rate inevitably goes through. The longest losing run over the 10 years was 30 – twice. Although the great majority of losing runs with the win only bets were in single figures.

These losing runs are easy to accept when leafing through the results but I guarantee that halfway through such a run in reality, there would hardly be anyone left backing the selections.

So, we wondered how to get around this. How about each way? Here's how that performed:

The win and place strike rate is 863 out of 2429 (35.5%) A 160 point bank , betting a point each way, should be ample to deal with any losing periods thrown at it with this strike rate. Remember Kieran Ward's chart I sent you last week about losing runs? For a 35% strike rate he calculated a probable longest losing run in 1000 bets as 16. Heeding his advice to allow for five times as many losers, that would mean an 80 point bank. A 160 point bank, betting a point each way, should be ample to deal with any losing periods thrown at it with this strike rate.

Not only that but, as you can see, from less bets, (some races will have less than the minimum 5 runners for each way backing), more points profit are made. 1707 compared to 1648 win only, at SP. This means a bigger cash profit.

This is what we have settled on and is how we are backing them.

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Now, you will be asking, what is this system?

I am afraid I can't say without risking giving the game away and jeopardising the odds. These horses are already almost always well backed so you are advised to back them mid morning at Best Odds Guaranteed, (BOG) or, if long odds, take a price on Betfair the night before. You will get the selections between 7 and 8 pm the night before racing and you can place your bets as soon as you like as there is no waiting for price stipulations or anything like that. Simply open the email and place your bets on Betfair or wait until the next morning for the BOG prices.

Is this a laying or backing system?

You back named horses only, with no price nor other stipulations, which we send you by email.

Jumps or Flat?

This system is for the jumps only but all year round, not just the season proper. In fact it has done slightly better in Summer.

How do I know these screenshots are genuine?

If you use Horse Race Base, HRB, you will recognise the layout, font etc. If you don't know HRB, go there and have a look on Systems Builder, (they offer a week's free trial). In any case, I hope you know us well enough to trust us not to make up or doctor these things – even were it possible.

How do I know the system won't stop working once I start backing them?

Very little can change as there are just two filters, (but I will be amazed if anyone ever gets them!) However, there will be losing runs and it could be that you may start on one, (sod's law!) Don't give up if this happens. Remember the historical record, remember you are backing to very small stakes and back as we recommend until the corner is turned, as it will be.

Losing runs are inevitable for all systems and if anyone tells you otherwise they are deceiving themselves and you. Gambling is volatile by nature and there is no such thing as an ever upward curve with no sharp falls - and rises.

I hope my bluntness doesn't put you off but I want you to join us with your eyes wide open, that's all. It is also possible you will join at the start of a winning run. I don't know, but I do know this has made big profits over 10 years and I can't see why it would change now.

How big a bank will I need?

I always think that it is better to play with money won. Therefore if something is going to be successful it should be possible to start small and play out of winnings. We will be re-starting, the same day as you, with a £160 bank. If you do the same, that is your maximum exposure. However, pay your subs with other money at first, ie, not out of your bank. It is far better your money works for you in the betting bank, especially in the early days.

When you get to the stage where you are taking out profits, then you can pay us out of what you have made. After all, your savings account isn't going to give you a potential return on your investment like this

This is very low risk. Your first bet will be just £1 each way!

How much does it cost?

Remember, when you buy a system or subscribe to a selection service, the least of your problems, unless it is a very expensive one, is the cost of the service. It is the money lost backing the losers that costs much more. In this case, because of the leverage a potential 60% plus profit on stakes provides, you can start with a very low bank and cap your potential losses at much less than £160 with a realistic chance of turning that into thousands within a year or two.

I really didn't know what to ask as regards price. I am convinced that the selections from a system proven over 10 years, showing a 160% ROI like this, could command a 3-figure amount per month, or at least £95.

We could sell The Secret Formula system, possibly for thousands. But that would present the problems outlined above. The system would be out of our control and thousands of people could be using it within days if it were copied and distributed, thus adversely affecting the odds.

Having given this a lot of thought - and wondering whether we are fiddling ourselves! - we have opted for a small price. We have a loyal band of subscribers, (especially because you stuck with us after the spamming incident), and, as you are one of them, we want to give you first dibs at either £27 per month or £55 per quarter.

As we are just releasing this exclusively to our own mailing list, there is no need for us to go through Clickbank, who add their VAT on top, so the amounts you see are what you will pay.

Yes, we could ask a lot more but these are hard times and we want those who need it to be able to afford it. 100 subscribers at £27 nets us the same as 25 at £108 and, nowadays with admin being, to a large extent, automated, it makes not too much difference to our workload, other than customer service.

I don't know what we will be charging if or when we release this to a wider audience but one thing I can guarantee: you won't see it at such a low price as this again. However, for you, as our own valuable subscriber, buy now and the price is fixed.

60 day no quibbles guarantee

We offer a full, no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee, so there is every chance for you to give this extraordinary opportunity a proper test drive. Some may just want to paper trade for the 60 days, others to follow us to the letter and start with a £1 each way bet from a £160 bank.

Therefore, for the first 60 days, your maximum exposure is £160. In reality it is less than that as, if you were to start on a bad losing run, your stakes would go down and you would get nowhere near to losing your £160.

Don't forget, this is an arbitary starting point. We are merely trying to emulate the past decade's perfomance starting with the same pot. You would have made over £55,000 over the same period backing at half a point, ie, 50p stakes! So, there is nothing to stop you starting with just an £80 bank and starting with 50p each way bets if that is what you are comfortable with.

Excellent profits from 9 of the past 10 years

Past results don't guarantee future ones but they are indicative. There are 10 years results to go off here, (nine of which were winning ones), and some years are much higher than average while others are much less. So, statistically, it is 1/9 this will be a winning year.

Here's a bang up to date year by year record.

Back fitted versus back checked

I am only too keenly aware of the possibility that some will say this is “back-fitted”. That there is no “real time” record. I prefer to call it back checking. We simply discovered two filters that made a profit this year - The Secret Formula - and then checked back to see what would have happened if we had used these same two filters for the past ten years.

For me, back fitting would be, e.g., if we removed the three price bands above that have happened to lose a little over the last 10 years. If you look you will see that the price bands between 1-2 - 10/11 and 5/2 and 4/1 made a very small loss and the band 9/2 – 6/1 showed a more significant 43 points loss. Were we to take the latter out we could show a better ROI. But there is no logical reason that we can think of why this price band should have done any worse than the others, so we left it in. Incidentally, it could be that this price band, (9/2 – 6/1), is over-bet each way as it is commonly thought wise to back 5/1 and up each way. But we don't know that so we haven't assumed it.

Our service to recap

Just to be clear what you get. Each evening between 7 - 8 you will be emailed with the selection/s from this system and when there is no bet you will be mailed with that news too.

Price sensitivity at these odds means places must be limited

There really is a limit on numbers. We have never used a system before where the average win odds are 9/1 and so don't know what to expect in regard to how the odds will be affected. Therefore we are releasing places gradually, starting at this discount one-off price for our loyal subscribers.

These places at this price are limited to the first 100 only.

Once we have 100 we will put the “sold out” sign up and watch carefully to see if prices are affected.

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To sum up, what you are being offered and what it will cost:

  1. All the selections from The Secret Formula, a system that have made just under 1500 points profit at SP over the past 10 years. Using BOG and Betfair prices produced better with the latter showing just below 1700 points.
  2. The same system has made a 60% profit on stakes over that period and has shown an each way strike rate of 35.5%.
  3. At SP, over the past 10 years, a £100 starting bank would have turned into five million plus starting with just £1 win stakes. More practically, the same approach would have turned £100 into over £10,000 after 3 years.
  4. The selections are sent between 7 and 8 each evening for the following day's racing. We recommend using Betfair for the bigger prices and BOG for the shorter priced.
  5. The average number of selections will be less than one a day, (2 every 3 days on average). Some days there will be a few selections and others there will be none. If there is no bet we will still email you at the normal time to tell you.
  6. We recommend a starting bank of £160 and backing to just 1/160th of the bank each way, i.e., starting with £1 each way and then increasing and decreasing your stake according to the results so that it is always 1/160th each way of the bank.
  7. There is a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee and, once that has expired, you can cancel at any time and your payments will stop.
  8. The full cost is £27 per month or £55 per quarter.
  9. The offer is limited to the first 100 to prevent unwanted attention from the bookies which would shorten the odds on offer.

This is NOT hype

We take a pride in not hyping up our products or those of others that we promote. So, when I say this is the most promising system I have seen I hope you will take notice and give it a try. After all you have as good as a 60 day free trial.

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Any questions either about the service or signing up, please don't hesitate to contact us at admin@thepunterspal.com

Kind regards,
John Cutts