There is undoubtedly a new stat in horse racing establishing itself right now, as I type this. And that is the record, under certain circumstances, of horses being turned out again quickly to win.

The figures don’t lie.

ALL WEATHER since inception in 1989 to mid 2009, by the highly respected Racing Systems Builder, RSB
(they closed down in mid 2009):

WINSRUNSStrike RatePoints ProfitProfit on stakes

A profitable system in its own right but one whose profitability can be doubled using certain further filters:

WINSRUNSStrike RatePoints ProfiProfit on stakes

And please bear in mind that RSB uses SP to calculate profits. If you had the benefit of using Best Odds Guaranteed, BOG, over those 20 years, you could add quite a bit to those profits.

Here’s the record for FLAT TURF runners over the 7 years March 2004 to March 2011 from another sad loss to our betting armoury, Adrian Massey, whose service stopped operating at that time.

This with just one filter,

 BetsWinsWin Strike RateWin % Return Extimated at Betfair Odds
All Selections15341189712.4%100.4%

Again, a good system for backing in multiples as it is but one that, with a few more filters, makes a 17% profit on stakes.
As shown here:

 BetsWinsWin Strike RateWin % Return Extimated at Betfair Odds
All Selections285368624.0%117.0%

Finally, my favourite: THE JUMPS
Again using Massey’s site over the same period:

 BetsWinsWin Strike RateWin % Return Extimated at Betfair Odds
All Selections251096738.5%105.8%

With a few more filters this can be turned into this:

 BetsWinsWin Strike RateWin % Return Extimated at Betfair Odds
All Selections72233246.0%117.9%

Each one of these examples are of systems we, at, have devised and perfected since we spotted this emerging trend a couple of years ago.
If we add the totals for the three systems; all weather, flat turf and jumps we get the following results:

All weather over 20 years:1094 ran, 329 won, a strike rate of 30.07%, 272.03 pts profit were made a 24.87% profit on stakes.
Flat turf over 7 years:2853 ran, 686 won, a strike rate of 24%, 485 pts profit gave a profit on stakes of 17%.
Jumps over 7 years:722 ran, 332 won, a strike rate of 46%, 138.19 pts profit giving a profit on stakes of 17.9%.
TOTAL:4719 selections, 1347 won, a strike rate of 28.57%, 895.22 pts profit gave 18.98% profit on stakes.

This gives an average of 1 or 2 bets per day which is manageable and some days there will be a cluster giving you a chance to aim for that big win

You can use the betting forecast for all three systems. We have found it is swings and roundabouts and using the Racing Post forecast means we don’t need to go boggle eyed staring at a computer screen all day In fact, you will know your bets the night before and if you are a betting exchange player, will probably be able to place your bets then.

I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you how rich you will get backing these. The unfortunate reality, especially in the current economic climate, is that being able to back like a pro is not an option for a most people, who have other calls on their money. The only way you will get rich quick from these is if a number of winners cluster and you get a payout like I got in 2009 using system bets and one race trends selection:

Big Win

Please don’t think I am boasting nor that I am suggesting that this is in anyway likely if you use the selections from our 3 systems. I am just trying to encourage you to have a go. It takes perseverance to win at anything and the winning 6 were the last 6 out of 12 selections in total that day. I kept trying though. The first one lost - ok down to an 11 horse acca, 2nd lost, try for 10 etc, until I was just about to throw the towel in when I thought “no, give it one more try, the 6 losers clustered perhaps the remaining 6 will cluster as winners” And lo and behold – they did!

Anyway, I digress, but I am coming more and more to the conclusion that the only way your average person is going to make any life changing money is by hitting a good run one day, ie, instead of those seeming endless clusters of losers, just one day - a cluster of winners.

That’s not for a minute to say abandon any discipline just that it is worth reaching for the stars as well – to very small stakes of course. Of course, you have more chance of winning if you have a portfolio of decent selection methods.

The rationale behind these systems is simple. A very recent run, especially a good one, is evidence that a horse is fit. It is the only way even the trainer can know for sure.

There was a time when only the likes of the maestro, Martin Pipe over the sticks and Mark Prescott on the flat were capable of getting a horse to put two winning runs together in a very short period of time. I well remember Pipe doing the seemingly impossible when he got Olympian to win the Coral Cup in 1997 just 4 days after having won the Imperial Cup at Sandown.

Nowadays, as our list of “Top Ten Quickfire Trainers shows, a lot of other trainers have learned the training methods of Martin Pipe and are running up sequences with horses in a short period.

In short, these horse are hard fit as their recent run would suggest and all the stats above support this theory.

Obviously not all will win. Some won’t enjoy being sent out again quickly. But enough do. Enough to make the profits shown above

Ok, so, having given you the trainers list last Wednesday, you will know that this is not just a tutorial (although I have already given you three profitable systems above).

So, what’s the offer?

I reckon I could fairly comfortably get a tenner for each of the systems above in their final forms.

But to me, a system that doesn’t throw up an average of at least one selection a day is a micro system. It may have a good percentage profit but the small number of selections means you would need very big stakes to make a half decent cash profit. And you would have very little chance of landing the big one with just one such system.

However, if you use all three systems, you should average one or two a day. Some days there will be no bet but on other days there will several and it is on these days you can go for the biggie!

What’s more the jumps is all year round now and you get the odd all weather bet in Summer so you should never be short of ammo.

We are not the greatest at coming up with names but we have called this the

Quickfire Compendium

The package I have come up with is this:

You can have all three systems for £14.95 plus VAT

Less than a fiver each.

Buy Now

Just to be clear: these are the 3 systems that produce the best results in each category above, ie a 24.8% profit on stakes for the All Weather, 17.9% over the sticks and 17% on the flat turf. Nothing held back and fully back checkable. If you run the filters I will provide you with in the systems you will get exactly the figures I have shown you above.

Not only that but, because I will get lots of emails asking me is this a bet or is that a bet, I will throw in a month’s free email selections so you can practice in the knowledge that you won’t miss any winners because you will be getting emails from me every night between 7 and 8.

What could be more simple? Check your inbox, place your bets either on the exchanges that night or use a BOG offering bookie the next morning. Then either watch the race/s or catch up with the results later. Ideal for anyone who is working during the day.

After the month is up you can carry on taking advantage of this time and effort saving service or simply cancel your recurring payment. Just make a note do so just before the month is up and if you have any problems we are here to help.

Because this is being sold on clickbank you have a full, no quibbles 60 days full money back guarantee.

So, to summarise, you get:

If you want to continue to receive the emails rather than do the work yourself you can just let the monthly clickbank recurring billing carry on. However, if you want to cancel the emails, no problems, you can do it easily on clickbank but if you have any problems don’t worry, all you need to do is write us an email and we will sort it out.

Peace of mind and the knowledge you can "test drive" these systems for a full 2 months because of clickbanks no questions asked 60 day full money back guarantee

Quickfire Compendium

Why Buy Now?

Firstly, you need to make hay while the Sun shines. The bookies don’t seem to have cottoned on to this trend yet, but they will – eventually. All systems have a shelf life for this reason so get the maximum out of these for as long as you can.

Secondly, related to the above, I am limiting the numbers to 200 places. I don’t know how quick they will go to be fair, what with the recession and everything, but if this proves popular, I will shut up shop when we hit 200 in fairness to those who have had the faith to buy off us first.

Thirdly, and we have never offered this before, a bonus:

The first 100 to buy will also receive, free of charge, the FULL list of 32 QUICKFIRE TRAINERS. Those whose record shows they have the knack with these type of runnners.

I won’t say you will regret it forever if you don’t take up this offer but I think it is a bargain and if you have read the story of my 3 Grand electric bill you will know why I am being forced to sell the family silver so cheap!

Buy Now

Whatever you decide, thanks for reading and good luck in your future betting.

John Cutts