Hi to all.


If you are a new member this is a post on advice about Bet2Win and what to do with the other

system selections on offer.


These other selections are free for existing members and new members as they join

Bet2Win. This is so that Bet2Win members can get a long term feel for the other system selections

which we will be offering in July.

Bet2Win selections should be backed to 1/40th ( or 2.5% ) of your betting bank as this is

the main selection method and the one we show the results for when you login.


For  OTHER SYSTEM SELECTIONS this is how stake them:

The 80% system we back at 10% of our betting bank

The Selective system selections we back at 2% of our betting bank.

The 47’s system we back at 1% of our betting bank.

You could do one of three things.

One:  you could back as we do out an overall bank as we do.

Two: you could back separate selection systems from separate banks.

Thre: you could just monitor them as you see fit.

The main thing to remember is thst Bet2Win selections are THE main selections

to back even if you back everything else ( or none ) make sure you get these bets on. If you don’t

turn over your betting money and don’t take advantage of bookies BOG prices.

( unless you are a BetFair betting genius? ) and back each Bet2Win selection you

will miss out profit in the long run.

BOG PRICES  which we refer to are the Best Odds Guaranteed which the big bookies offer on all races each day.

Basically if you take a price with the bookies who offer this then they will pay out the Best Odds whether this be the price you took with them or the Industry Starting Price.

As an example: You take a price with say Bet365 of 2/1 for a Bet2Win selection. If it is backed in to 6/4 ISP  ( Industry Starting Price ) then the price takenwith that bookie is paid out which was 2/1.

If the opposite occurs and the horse drifts out to an ISP ( Industry Starting Price ) of 3/1  the bookies who you took the 2/1 BOG  with, will pay you at the ISP of 3/1 at the higher odds.



Any questions re: any staking either ask on the blog ( it’s a friendly blog ) where many other members

will give you advice or email us at :

Good luck.




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